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Monday 15 August 2011

UK Mat Surfers - Mat Meet 7 - Report, etc

So, Matmeet 7 happened in sloppy, small, onshore conditions. Nonetheless, the attendees showed their typical never-say-deflate attitudes and made the most of things. In the end ten made it:

Me, Dan Lawrence, Ian and Kana Wraith, Andy Cooke, Adrian Paterson, Jerry (don't know your surname Jerry, sorry), Phil (same again) and Juan and Peru d'Ornellas.

As always, there were plenty of awards to go around (as well as some quality snackage and bizarre fancy dress):

Best Party Wave - Jaun and Ian

Longest Swim - Peru (due to no mats being lost this was down to his rad bodysurfing)

Wave of the Day - Ian

Here's the video then.

God the surf was rank but as always we had a good ol' giggle though! 

Roll on number 8... Some surf would be nice!




Mateo said...

Nice! Id say you had some waves there.. some pretty impressive rides too.... Cool to see the GMat threading that one...

GRAYMAN said...

Thanks Matt.

Not exactly Backdoor but I'm claiming it!



Growling Gecko said...

Well, it was pretty crap wasn't it. You guys did really well to find some good rides amongst that lot. So the pommes give out little prizes at the end of the meet, the Yanks don't seem to do much at all and if the Aussies ever got their act together they'd probably crank up the barbie and get shit faced together!
One day, one day I will get to be a part of a mat meet!:-(

Blimp said...

The surf had been cranking the past three days ,but get a camera out and it seem,s to go flat.
I,m sure if us Poms and you Aussies got together we would end up playing cricket at the end which we would win of course

GRAYMAN said...

The post above is a beauty!

This video is available as an HD download should anyone be so inclined:



Sinclairio said...

Cant wait for the next meet. Surf mats are awesome!

GRAYMAN said...

I'm thinking end of November time for number 8.