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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Brittany Trip... Session 2 - Mush Burgers to Go Please...

OK then. Session 2 found us at Baie des Trépassés on Jim's advice. This is basically the most swell hungry spot in the immediate area so was certainly a good call. We took a peek at the beautiful St Tugen first but the north in the swell meant that really wasn't getting a look in.  Anyway, I decided to pass on the dawnie as the winds looked poor and gusty but I awoke to find they were uber-light...


And so it was that Webbo, Becky and I made the trek over and made the most of the 2-3 foot weak but playful conditions.

I had a good few funions on the mat, even landing a floater infront of the good lady. Obviously she was blown away. She's been looking at me with an expression on fascination and awe ever since!

Becky had a good time on her sponge and Webbo was ripping things up on the Beater "One" borrowed from Blimp (cheers again for that Jerry).  He was riding kneelo and stand-up and alternating between the two on the same wave.  I reckon he could end up like this fella:

Anyhoo, looks like the waves drop to nought or so for the next couple of days but the sun should be out and the skatepark in Duarnanez has got Webbo's name all over it.

I'm off to sink a bottle of Cotes du Rhone




GRAYMAN said...

Forgot to say, the French really don't know what to make of surfmats!


Unknown said...

Mange tout mange tout wondered where you were. Had a good session on Monday and met your mate Chris the kneelo, nice chap.

GRAYMAN said...

Where were you surfing to see Chris?


Unknown said...

Up at Polzeath. Said he was out with you and your lad last week.

GRAYMAN said...

Lovely fella.