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Saturday 20 August 2011

Brittany Trip... Breaking new ground!

Well, the new surf-o-tastic vehicle is fully loaded, including the tent, etc which was previously in a trailer. Unfortunately, the new wagon doesn't have a towbar meaning everything is in it! Now this in itself isn't actually a massive problem. It does all fit. The problem is, after fitting in my lad's boards, there is no room for my kneeboard.  My quiver for tthe trip is, therefore as follows:

I also have a handplaneand a couple of bellyboards. However, not having a kneeboard to hand is newground for me.  It's interesting as I've not actually ridden it for nearly 6 months but it's still an odd feeling. The fact is, I'm also overcoming an achiles injury agravated by kneeling so my kneeboard would probably be a no-go anyway but it's still a very strange feeling.

What if it's well overhead and going square?!

Perhaps it's time to just go with the mat no matter what. After all, that's what I made G-Mat 3 (middle) for...

Anyway, sailing tomorrow so feel the tingle of anticipation. I'm often cursed on surf trips so fingers crossed not this time. Forecast certainly has some promise.




surfempty said...

"What if it's well overhead and going square?!"
It's Tank time!

Bon voyage mate...

Stu said...

Have a good trip mate
I am going over in sept can't wait

GRAYMAN said...

Cheers chaps.

Just finished pitching camp and setting up wifi. Ultra fast internet in a tent? Whatever next???

Anyway, just sipping my way through une boutille du Muscadet then it's off to sleep before hooking up with a kneelo comrade, Jim, at Penhors.

I'll be on a mat and he could be on anything!!!

Great days.



GRAYMAN said...

Ramsnake also told me to get on with it. Unfortunately I accidentally clicked "delete" instead of "Publish".

Sorry Robin. Feel free to try again and I'll be more accurate. (Touch screen phone upon waking... Not a good combo).