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Saturday 27 August 2011

Brittany Trip... Session 5 - Unexpected Fun...

Well as this trip wraps up I am sat here 1 1/2 bottles of plonk down and reluctantly looking at my journey back home. We have had such a great time here and we leave with heavy hearts. We've all really enjoyed this trip, so much so that Becky is aiming to save enough for us to return in April as opposed to our usual February Centre Parks trip!  Beleive me when I say that's a big deal,

Looks like we might be turning into a two-euro-holiday-a-year family!

Anyway, I'm sat here in the tent and it feels weird knowing that this is our last night in what we've called home for the last week:

We decided to make a real day of it today so swam, hit the water slides, played ping pong, played football and then decided to hit the beach... What the hell, it was sunny!

Webbo was having a real blast on his skimboard bought with holiday money from Nanna and Auntie Pat (thanks Auntie Pat & Nanna):

The thing with skimboards (for them what don't know) is they need a good expanse of flat and shallow water to work. Due to that fact, our initial stop off of St Tugen was far from ideal being a dumping shorey. So it was that we headed around to Baie which Jim had told me works right through the tide. Webbo was in his skimming element and I got a few on the mat which was a real treat having expected nought today but despite the onshore, Baie was serving up a few treats:

Far from perfect but a great end to a great holiday! I had a good few waves today finishing up with a hands-behind-back bowling left linking into a racie right hand shorey which was the perfect sign off to a perfect trip.  :-)

Thanks again to Jim for sharing his local knowledge and thanks to him and his good lady Tina for a beautiful meal last night and a good look at Jims Neumatic Advanced (circa 2004). Hopefully we'll see Jim making use of this beautifully crafted vessel. I know it's inspired me.



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