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Friday 4 November 2011

Over it?

"Over it" is a strange phrase.  Kinda suggestive that the thing you've moved on from was a problem or, in some way, trivial.  In this case it certainly is not. I'm talking about kneeboard surfing.

I'm not sure I'm "over it" but it is a possibility.  I took my board out for a spin earlier today after riding my mat for a few hours.

It was the first time I'd been on it since Jan/Feb this year and it felt dead...
Dead and cumbersome.

Granted, by the time I took it out the wave has gone pretty soft and junky but it wasn't just the riding.  Also, I'm pretty much up for taking on any conditions on the mat, including solid heavy waves, particularly now that I have G-Mat 3.

Finally, the space the board takes up in the car just makes it a hassle.

Anyway, I got home today and my kneeboard went straight in the garage again. I don't plan to get shot of it or anything. I just don't really see a plan in the near future to ride it either though.




Thomas Haskett said...

Either way, that's a great shot!

Growling Gecko said...

It has happened to most of us I think. Things we used to ride cluttering up the garage, the loft and in my case the underneath of the house. My surf mat quiver holder (Pilates mat strap) is due to arrive any day now. And yes great shot G!

Mateo said...

Just took out the kneelo the other night and had a blast...Hadnt really enjoyed my kneeboards in over a year....
But it was perfect OH low tide barrels this time.. "real waves" Still not confident enough on my mats for that stuff...

The Bellyboard blew me away the other day..... Much better in the barrel then any mat ive tried aswell..

daniel said...

feeling the same and almost forcing myself to surf my surfboards these days the feeling of glide on the mat can't be beat. one thing i notice after riding my mats then i'll get on my shortboard is it feels huge my 5'9 fish feels like a longboard kind of sweet. great shot of you playing with old toys.

GRAYMAN said...

Cheers on the photo props all. Its actually a screen grab from THIS VIDEO.