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Saturday 12 November 2011

Matmeet 8 - Report and Pics

Hello there mat fans!

Well then, Matmeet 8 finally went off and has to be considered the weirdest meet yet given the chunky closeout conditions! There was a clean pointbreak in the area but it isn't for the faint-hearted as getting caught inside comes with a serious risk of getting nailed on the rocks so certainly not the place for first timers and inexperienced mat surfers.

That said, our newest recruit Anthony (don't know your last name, sorry) really showed some determination taking on head+ closeouts at Crackington Haven. The fact that he came out of the water saying that he's hooked on mats spoke volumes given the testing conditions, Just think how much he'll love it when he rides some better waves!!! Not bad for a bloke who's never ridden prone, let alone on a mat!

Anyway, despite the conditions everyone had a laugh. It's always good to hook up with everyone and the sun was out. :-)

So then, the turn out was pretty good with the following making it:

Ian "Piskian" Wraith
Bob "Bob" Booth
Jerry "Blimp" Phillips
Dan "Surf Empty" Lawrence
Adrian Paterson
Phil "Sinclario" Sinclair

We also saw John (who's name I also don't know) and my mate James Burke make it although both were heretics with John sponging and Burkie riding a shortboard of all things!

Anyway, most had at least a few good waves (apart from me... I can't remember the last time I surfed as badly as I did today).  In fact, Crackie cranked out the odd cracker and Piskian took the opportunity to remind us all that he is a seriously talented mat surfer.  Seriously... The "Wave of the Day" award is normally a half-arsed affair with little thought given when voting (as it should be) but today it really did mean something. Ian's surfing was inspirational, showing exactly what mats can do in talented hands in testing conditions.

Anyway, before Piskian starts trying to get Patagonia to sponsor him, or some such, I'll move on:

WAVE OF THE DAY was obviously Piskian. We didn't even vote. It was just a given. Like Kelly Slater hanging out with a surf school.

BEST PARTY WAVE went to me, Bob, Piskian and Anthony but video evidence now shows that Blimp should've been in the mix too! Your hat will be in the post!!!!

The next meet is on the Dorset South Coast around February (definitely).  Thanks to Burkie for filming/shooting in the car park. He's committed to coming to the next meet and will even ride a mat at it! Good lad!!!

Shame to see some significant absentees such as Juan, Cookson, Bluey, Matt23, Surfmatt and others. One of these days we'll get everyone there... WATCH OUT STAND-UPS!!!

Anyway, to finish, really good fun as always. Not the best surf for exactly the opposite reasons that MM7 was but still... We were all smiling.

So then, here are some photo's and screen grabs. Video to follow.




 Sneakers were fun!

Phil takes on dumplestiltskin on G-Mat 4

Jerry on a rare right.
Bob showing that the scorpion lives on! Bob surfed well today.

Dan. If prizes were given for commitment to matting Dan would be putting up new shelves every week! 2 years ago he didn't even surf. Now he's one of the most surf-stoked matters I know and put in a good shift today.  

Bob again finding a decent line.
Jerry finds the pocket on his Standard Blue Streak with DIY grip. Another relatively new convert who's fallen head over heels.

Post-surf mat-chat; Blue Streak Bro's Dan & Adrian. The latter tried a BS for the first today. "Zooooooom!" was the verdit!

Parrrrrrrrrrrrrr-tay!!!! Near-to-far: Bob, Ian, Jerry.

 Ian get in a wee one. Exceptional surfing.

Bob on the next on in the set. I opted to duckdive these ones and wait for the dumpers.  :-(
No retreat, no surrender! Jerry eyes an unlikely pit.
Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaar-tay!!! Beach-eye-view.
Dan and Phil on the road to nowhere.

Ian, bottom turn.

8 happy matters. The waves might not have been perfect but at least we didn't have to share them!


misterdirk said...

Outstanding. Your mat meets are beyond compare!

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Awesome, tons of fun! thanks for sharing.
Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

daniel said...

wow nice slides you all are ripping great pics!!!!!

GRAYMAN said...

Here's what we DIDN'T get. :-(



cookson said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. It's minus 9 in Canada at the moment and every stretch of water is frozen inches thick. That's my first meet I've missed and I'm gutted. Looked awesome from the photos. See u all at the next one. Cookson out.

Sinclairio said...

was good to get together again. the G-Mat 4 was good it really was quick once going. was a shame the waves were maxed out but we made the best of it!
"cookson" just because you have been to all the others, going to Canada for a holiday whilst you knew a meet was arranged just shows your selfish & also not committed! you really should apologise.... ;)

Piskian said...

Slats here.Seriously.Got a pingpong ball bruise on my thigh after hitting a rock on a bottom turn!Bit shallow.
Great to see everyone visibly improving.Especially duckdiving.Don't think it gets more difficult than yesterday.

GRAYMAN said...




Adam, Ben,Chris said...

Thanks for the pics and vid graeme ! I too should make more of an effort and jump in the car for the next meet. Ive got my Special Stealth Mat to show too. Now how long is the flight from Sydney to London ?