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Monday 7 November 2011

Matmeet 8 - Signed & Sealed

UK Mat Surfers

Widemouth Bay, Cornwall
Saturday 12th Nov, 2011

OK then mat fans, after much deliberation and chit-chat between me and Papa Joe, we've decided to settle on the north coast for Matmeet 8.

Saturday looks to be the best option now as Sunday's forecast has gone flat to tiny!!!  We might need to have a bit of a snoop to find the best wave but I suggest meeting by the Lifeguard Hut in the Widemouth Bay main carpark at 08.30am. 

See the map below for details of where:

View Larger Map

Sorry to the south coasters. We'll aim for Feb up there. Unfortunately the swell and winds just look like too much of a gamble in the channel without calling things last minute.

Can people PLEASE reply TO THIS POST on the blog rather than via email/text to make sure we are all talking to each other.  Thanks.

Looking for a fun one. We have HD cameras both in and out of the water so come along and make yourself an internet star!!!




Paul Gross said...

This is what you guys need!


Anonymous said...

Not gonna be able to make it guys, sorry still can`t afford the travel expense :( have a cracker

Bob said...

I'll try to drag myself all the way to the meeting point!!!!


GRAYMAN said...

Hmmmm... That link didn't work for me PG.



Sinclairio said...

hey G man do you know if Ian is going, thought about car sharing up?
Looking forward to it!

GRAYMAN said...

He is mate. Give him a shout.


Sinclairio said...

PG, ace link. most of cost a pretty penny. Rad though!

Stu said...

Sorry G can't make this one got to go to wales that weekend
Have a ggod one

old surfer said...

Hi G, good call but can't make this one, so will carry on and practice for the No 9 in early 2012!. Wish all that do go a damn good puffed up mat and surf sesh'.Mart

jdo said...

I'm sorry but I wont be there either as I have dislocated my shoulder...
Have a great meet!

GRAYMAN said...

Yikes!!! How'd you do that Juan?!

Sorry to see many can't make it. Hoping we'll still get a reasonable turn out.


GRAYMAN said...

By the way, I'll have Standard Blue Streaks and DaFins with me for them who want them.

Blue Streaks £135 on the day.



GRAYMAN said...

Howdo all.

Please note the date change.


Bargains available too: CLICK HERE


Blimp said...

As a channel surfer rarely do I get to surf offshore normaly it,s wind blown onshore but there would have been a wave at Kimmeridge Saturday with all the charts showing ground swell in the channel.Wind guru showing waves of 2mts which tends to be more accurate than MSW down our neck of the woods one of the beauty,s of Kimmeridge is you never know what your find till you get there and would have liked a vote.

I go to mat meets to share the stoke with other matters for me the waves should always come first and filming second.

Is there anyone on the Southcoast interested in car share on Saturday to keep costs down ?

GRAYMAN said...

I agree but strong SE winds are onshore though aren't they? (I don't know if you have any spots working on a brisk SE wind). The concern isn't just for filming purposes. It's for wave quality purposes. We have some spots in S.Devon working on these winds but not many and they're all very sensitive, very fickle and one peak reefs so I'd be committing surfing suicide dragging a gaggle of matters to them!

I agree on the vote in principle but my experience of running them is that they take a load of time to get responses. As many people are planning this around other activities most needed to firm it up in their diaries ASAP.

I propose that we make the Feb meet a Dorset one and just have an ON/OFF decision before hand rather than two venues. If there are waves we go, if not we don't.



Unknown said...

Wish I could make this one. Hope you all have a good one.

surfempty said...

Thought I couldn't make it but now can - great!

Cheers for all the hard work arranging it G,


GRAYMAN said...

Any joy on the car share? If not, maybe a concurrent South Coast meet? Perhaps them Californian types could synchronize too!

Anyway, apologies for the bouncing around with this.100% Dorset for the next one fellas.

Looking like at least 7 of us at the mo.


GRAYMAN said...

Blimp is arranging a South Coast hook up.




m.ayre87 said...

I won't be able to make it, hope everyone has some good waves.....looking forward to seeing some pics!

GRAYMAN said...

Report & pics HERE