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Tuesday 27 September 2011



Finished off welding G-Mat 4 and got stuck straight into dying (sorry Cookson).

I opted to go for yellow with this so got the appropriate acid dye.

You need acid dyes for nylon and the general consensus seems to be that Jacquard are the company to use.  I wanted a nice deep mustard yellow and the yellow sun dye looked just right for that.  So, 7 litres of hot water simmering away in a steel bucket and in goes the dye and half a cup of vinegar (the acid) to fix the dye to the fabric.

Not looking too yellow!  Still, in for a penny, in for a pound and in goes the mat. A bit of mixing and....

Looking pretty yellow!  In fact....

It looks REALLY feckin' yellow!!!  No chance of losing this one anyway!  :-D

So then, grip and logo's to do and then my small wave summer mat will be ready, just in time for Autumn!




tuskedbeast said...

Wow, that is so cool! And you're right about losing it- I rather wish my 4gf was a bright color for that reason.

Just ran into my first ever "other mats-in-the-water" in Santa Cruz- two guys, in fact!!! And one guy said he's lost 2 mats- both Dales- in heavy surf.

So smart move, the bright dye. And props to you for D'ingIY on these projects. We're (mat surfers) odd ducks in the surf world; and you're an odd duck among the odd ducks to make your own!

pranaglider said...

"They call me mellow yellow (Quite rightly)"

GRAYMAN said...

Thanks Tusked Beast. I'm pretty stoked how its come out. I'm hopeful that the grip, etc will break up the huge expanse of yellow! I lost a mat a while back too. Since then many over here put their details on their mats.

Prana, I contemplated that as a name for it, amongst others. Gonna wait until complete to decide though


Growling Gecko said...

Hmmm! Bright, very bright! Your version of a UDT for small waves G?

daniel said...

nice work how long did take to make like riding on a carpet of sunshine so awesome

GRAYMAN said...

Cheers all.

Ramsnake, I'd say its mote like the length of an XL with the width of a Fatty. It also has a bit of concave.

Daniel, I think you've just name Katrina and the Waves follow up single! Including grip, etc a built probably takes me 20-25 hrs.


Unknown said...

Here comes the 601...Great work G

jezz harty said...

looking good
like to see it when its done

pranaglider said...

Seriously thinking of renaming my blog "carpet of sunshine" to coincide with the release of Katrina and the Waves new single.


Well done G, Its these extra ideas that will start people asking you to make mats for them.
I wish I had a yellow mat !!.

GRAYMAN said...

Cheers Brett.

The going rate for a G-Mat is £1000000.


Anonymous said...

I`ll take two! great job tho G & I too love the colour, pink next huh ;)


Next one should be tie-dyed in the 1970's style ! Funky purple / orange and yellow . Groovy man !

Blimp said...

How do you put your details on your mat ?
Yellow mat would not look out of place at a gay pride surf


Everyones got a yellow mat now !!

GRAYMAN said...

Ha! I take Paypal Gazza! :-D

Jerry, what do you mean by "details"?

Anyway, all finished CLICK HERE


Blimp said...

Just in case I should lose my mat it would be good to have my phone no or address some where on my mat so it stands a chance of finding it,s way back to me.

Could you use that dye and a fine paintbrush ?

GRAYMAN said...

Well, my prepping with evo stick kinda worked. The S-FAHT stuck to the evo beautifully. The evo, however, has had some difficulty and peeled off the deck in places.

Not much mind, and is easily patched up with Stormseal. Looks a bit of a mess where that's been done unfortunately is working. Eventually I'll run out of edge to stick!

Must be the dye....


GRAYMAN said...

Jerry, use Sharpie paint pens to write on mats mate.