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Thursday 15 September 2011

Surfing On The South Coast

Just lately seemed most of my surf sessions have been spent grovelling in 2ft onshore mush even the big pulse of swell at the weekend was more like big swell than waves and was starting to look enviously at the kite surfers thinking that,s the way to go on the south coast. That was until Tuesday session at Highcliffe it was big,at times brutal but most of all fun lost my mat twice got a good beating trying to get out in a shore dump with fins on but it restored my faith in surfing on the South coast and had another fun session on Wednesday when then had died down.


GRAYMAN said...

Great stuff!

I've been looking but working. :-(

This morning would've been lush but no cance of getting there. Still, tomorrow has promise on the north coast.

Good winter for us channel dwellers hopefully.


Papa Joe said...

Been a good week for the channel, Had 4 days of good surf (could have made it 6!!)

GRAYMAN said...

Anything happening up there at the mo?

Dog-plop around here.


Blimp said...

Fun waves Saturday and Sunday

Papa Joe said...

Blimp, did you try and call me the other day?
: )