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Friday 21 October 2011

UK Mat Surfers on Twitter?!

Hello there.

I've gone and set up a UK Mat Surfers Twitter account.  I've kinda avoided doing this as I've never really got the whole Twitter thing but you have to move with the times I guess.

Anyway, you can find it at @UK_Mat_Surfers

You'll allso notice that there is a box showing tweets under the Chat Box.  If you're on Twitter and want a tweet to show up in that box add #ukmatsurfers at the end of your tweet!  You can also search that via Twitter to see what people are saying.

I've also set up a UK Mat Surfers list although I dunno if that's actually as useful as the box on here.  I guess it could replace the Chat Box if people prefer it.




Anonymous said...

facebook all the way for me ;)

GRAYMAN said...

This is just a a means of making quick posts to others about meet-ups and stuff. Facebook is enormously convoluted for that kind of thing and difficult to embed as a widget on the blog, other than as a load of photos of faces and little "likes this" things.

The advantage with the hash tag (as I believe the youngsters call it) is that you can make your mat related posts show up here but spare us all the "I just had a sandwich..." type stuff. I don't think Facebook allows you to be that specific and sensitive.

My question is, is it better than the Chat Box?


GRAYMAN said...

Howdo. I'm in the process of setting us up a Face book Group (Just for Gaz) ;-). I therefore need people to "friend me" so I can add you. My profile is:



GRAYMAN said...

Here you go Gaz: